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Poking at large datasets and telling a story with it is something I really enjoy doing. This blog is where I will be sharing whatever stories I find in my data projects. In time, this place will become more colourful. For now though, here’s a list of my past data projects:

Facebook Gross National Happiness

Relationship and Happiness

Continuing our Study on Happiness

A More Global View of Gross National Happiness

Facebook Status Updates

What’s on your mind?

“Mining Jobmine” series: a study of co-op job postings at my school

Mining Jobmine: Part 1. Map of the Jobs

Mining Jobmine: Part 2. Demand and Supply

Mining Jobmine: Part 3. From the Employer’s Perspective

A better visualization of job posting length vs application

I also keep a personal blog and write about other things, and use twitter to share links.